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These are two gods that should be talked about more often

1. Moros – The god of Doom and Fate. To be honest I think this god is not popular because of how easy it would be to make fun of his name or just change it to Moron. Also reading his name in Spanish you are probably talking about someone’s skin and ethnicity. His Roman…

Who is the Oldest Goddess?

This is a highly complex question.  In all fairness, the oldest goddess will be impossible to determine. We do not know what ancient traditions have been lost to time. We do not know what humans did before the first brick was set for the first buildings before the first grain was set to grow the…


Roman Equivalent – Cupid Eros is one of the five primordial gods born from the void of chaos. His sisters include the Night, Nyx, and the Earth, Gaia. His brothers are Tartarus, the Pit, and Erebus, the infinite Darkness.  Eros is unique amongst the five primordial in that he seems to be the less threatening…

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